Assignment 5 Questions for Comment

Offer brief (3-5 sentences) but thoughtful comments on at least three posts. For full credit, address at least one of the questions below in your response. Remember to click on the photos to see and comment on the entire PDF!

1) If you were the audience for this presentation (and poster, if applicable), how clear would you find the narrative to be? What connects especially with you? What would confuse you or make it harder to understand? What questions are you left with?

2) What design decisions regarding hierarchy, balance, context, grids and other concepts we have discussed in class are helping to unify the various pieces of the presentation? What design decisions could help to unify the pieces further?

3) What are the strongest graphics in the presentation? What are the weakest? Why?

4) If there is both a slide deck and a poster, compare clarity and coherence in them. What are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of narrative approaches in the two formats?