Assignment 4 Questions for Comment

Offer brief (3-5 sentences) but thoughtful comments on at least three posts. Address at least one of the questions below in your response. Remember to click on the photos to see and comment on the entire PDF.

1) How clear is the diagram presented, and how well does it fit with the narrative of the rest of the slide deck? What questions does it raise? What further information would be helpful?

2) Is the diagram type selected the best way to show the information presented? If so, why? If not, what might be a better visualization strategy? What might be an alternate set of information that might be better suited to the representation strategy that was used?

3) What additional information is needed or would be useful in understanding this slide as a standalone narrative?

4) Evaluate the slide on our key dimensions of hierarchy, context, balance, scale, difference, grids, alignment, color typography, and line weight.