Assignment 3 Questions for Comment

Offer brief (3-5 sentences) but thoughtful comments on at least three posts. Address at least one of the questions below in your response. Remember to click on the photos to see and comment on the entire PDF!

1) Does the presentation of information in the format of this week’s graphic contribute to a clearer understanding of the phenomenon or process described? How? If not, what might be needed to help it gain clarity?

2) How appropriate to the phenomenon or process diagrammed is the visual representation strategy? If different visual strategies or choices might have been better suited to the information, suggest some.

3) What visual tools have been well employed in the diagram? What tools could use more consideration? Address context, hierarchy, balance, use of scale, color, line weight, grids, and the ability to make comparisons.

4) How is the narrative of the presentation holding together as a whole? How is the visual style holding up? Describe some consistencies or inconsistencies.

5) Describe a lesson you are learning from another student’s submission.