Assignment 2 Questions for Comment

Offer brief (3-5 sentences) but thoughtful comments on at least three posts. Address at least one of the prompts below in your response. Remember to click on the photos to see and comment on the entire PDF.

1) How do the charts or graphs prepared help the viewer to more clearly understand the information represented? How do they confuse understanding? What questions do they raise?

2) Is the chart or graph type that has been designed the best way to represent this data? Can you recommend an alternate representation (or a different data set) that might be more effective?

3) How legible and comprehensible is the icon in representing the phenomenon? Does it work at a variety of scales? Is an icon appropriate in representing the phenomenon? If you have an alternate suggestion for the icon (taking into account what your classmate has already sketched out or tried as evidenced in his or her notes), share it.

4) How well do the new slides communicate context, hierarchy and balance? How well do they use grids, color, typography and the other key concepts we’ve discussed in class?