3 thoughts on “Image:

  1. -What I liked the most about this graphic in the types of bicycle section is the alternate direction of bicycles. It breaks the monotony of the image. I liked the usage of these human figures which are in “active mode” against the black silhouette images usually used to depict humans. Instead of lines or shades of colour, Streets are used as a mode to divide the segments of different information on this spread which is quite interesting and an attempt to stay true to the concept.

    -But, the stark yellow background is very catchy, overwhelming and distracting the observer while reading the information provided.

  2. I agree with Isha that the human figures depicted here are much more interesting than icons for this purpose. The illustrations are very strong overall.

    I also agree that the yellow background is very overwhelming. It hurts my eyes to look at this graphic.

    I also think the section headers here could be larger. The current section headers are quite small in relation to the entire graphic and especially in relation to the third section–I think some stronger breaks in the composition, given by section headers, would help to differentiate/chunk out the narrative better.

  3. I really like the background color in this graphics, because it really catch people’s eyes. When looking into the graphic, it shows more information about bike. I think the most success thing in this graphic is the relationship between the picture and the information that describe the picture. It really tells us why and what the picture is for.

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