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2 thoughts on “Image: Sonya

  1. Hi Sonya! Your slide deck has a good flow of narrative, and ends with an intriguing question. I found the titles on each page to be very helpful, they were clear and didn’t compete with the imagery. The nature of tree-pit construction makes them all look very similar when they are repeated over and over, so it became hard for me to spot differences. But it was good to have pages where you focused on a direct comparison between two images and some pages to offer more examples of the tree pits. I also think that the images could be edited to highlight the tree pit, the backgrounds were distracting for some of them. Looking forward to your findings!

  2. Sonya, I think this deck is crystal clear. You’ve maintained a single point on each slide and made excellent use of headlines to communicate the narrative of the presentation. Here are my further notes:

    On clarity:
    + Very good title slide. Provides all the context we might need for the level of depth of the investigation at this point.

    On style:
    + Fantastic job keeping margins and gutters consistent from slide to slide. Really holds together as a singular visual narrative.
    + Smart use of the close-up and wide shot in Slides 9-12.
    + Great discretion in scaling photos to suit the intent of each slide.
    + Very nice use of white space.

    On design process:
    + Remember to submit some sketches!

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