3 thoughts on “Image:

  1. The use of the two colors to represent energy and water uses/issues is successful in being able to follow the topic throughout the entire infographic. The amount of text makes the graphic confusing because there is too much to read with each image. It would be useful to include more graphics in place of some of the text.

  2. This infographic is extremely formative, it utilizes, color, symbols and text to tell a story. However it is quite long and maybe for a general audience they may not want to read the entire thing if it doesn’t get to the point. Also sometimes the text is in blocks and maybe using action words could have been beneficial to get the point across.

  3. I understand the points you both have made, but I think the amount of text in this set of graphics seems totally fine for some particular contexts–say, a printed poster or a handout. It’s too much to read on screen, you’re right, but what if I had it posted on my wall and took in a little every time I walked by it? There is a lot of text, but it is parceled into very manageable packets, and there are not too many of them.

    I think this set of graphics is quite successful at deploying a color palette and graphic approach across a variety of types of information graphics and data sets, and does an especially strong job of varying composition to keep the layout dynamic both within individual moments and across the tableau as a whole. The use of empty space is also expert, allowing elements to breathe and not be overwhelmed by each other but not allowing for the perception of emptiness.

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