Image: Sarah

Sarah Yehuda 3&4 JPEG p7


3 thoughts on “Image: Sarah

  1. I think this is a great slide with a very clear initiative of analyzing a current situation and setting a strategy. I really like the color scheme and data representation methodologies used, I think it flows smoothly. As we discussed as a group in class today, defining a clear problem or mandate towards which you’re responding and highlighting those proposed elements and methodology would definitely strengthen your narrative/premise. Overall, very clear content and data visualization.

  2. This deck is great and has an interesting topic. Cool icons, simple and in line with the topic. The color is calm and subtle. Great phrasing the activities – few amounts of words but still very effective to send the message. It is great to use the same format to show comparison between the public and private interventions. What would be great is that if the designer could enlarge the arrow to show the intention here, it feels like it’s just a line or a border. Another thing balance in phrases like “quick” and “time intensive”, maybe you could use a simple term for the “time intensive”.

    As for the overlapping recommendation deck, it is great that the designer added photos to the recommendations. The only confusing thing was the black triangles, I am not sure if it is intentional that way. It was hard for me to follow the direction of the diagram. I appreciate the white background to let you focus on the photos and the lines.

  3. Sarah, there’s a lot going on here! I generally understand that you’re trying to establish a network model here to illustrate that different features perform multiple functions. But I have a lot of questions otherwise:

    + What distinguishes the recommendations that are above the nodes from those below the nodes?
    + What does the relative placement of the recommendations mean?
    + What does the green line indicate?
    + What do the black areas indicate?
    + What do the shapes created by the intersections of lines indicate?

    Overall, though I appreciate the visual experimentation, this design leaves me with more questions than answers, and you’ll want to revise to tip the balance the other way.

    Another note on clarity: I want to discourage rotated headlines. I never go to the effort of reading them, and I’m not alone. Takes away from the power of what you’re trying to communicate.

    My notes on style:
    + This is an interesting mix of visual elements! But I don’t know what very many of them mean.
    + Running the labels in a curve on top of each image might seem elegant, but it actually makes that text less legible and less noticeable. I’d encourage you to try running the text straight just a bit offset from the image.
    + Why is there a black frame around the Citibike image?

    On design process:
    + I like the idea of the matrix in the first sketch, too. I think that could be worth trying out.

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