Image: Issa

Issa Assign4 pic revised


2 thoughts on “Image: Issa

  1. This is a good and interesting comparison, but I think the icons under the yellow circle are unclear since the colors of icon and background are too similar. Also, I think the vender icon might be a little complicated. Maybe we don’t need so many details for the icon since we can’t really see that. I am also wondering the unit of this chart, is it number of times a month?

    • The icons might benefit from being simpler, with maybe just the basic outline and a solid fill (with possibly one select detail or two). Good point on adding a label for the context of how many crimes there per time. Also, careful saying that street vendors prevent crime outright as it takes the correlation and makes the assumption that they are directly related. You could say something to likes of crime is lower on streets with vendors.

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