Image: Eugenia



3 thoughts on “Image: Eugenia

  1. Aw, you completely removed the dog from your icon! I understand why for clarity, but I did think it was a playful addition in the “occupied” houses. I think the infographic you created is direct and successful. I like the inclusion of the bust, the house and the question mark as icons you could use later in a presentation when answering the individual questions you’ve raised. Maybe the house icon should be consistent from your occupancy chart to here? I did not feel your narrative evolve much from last week to this week, but it was definitely additionally supported by the new graphic.

  2. Eugenia, good start here. But speaking of starts, start us off with a headline. Right now I have to read the entire slide to have a sense of what it’s about.

    Here are my notes on clarity:
    + The first thing my eye goes to is the pink box at the lower left, because it is the largest and most vibrant element on the page. But I think that this is actually where I’m supposed to end up, not where I’m supposed to start. I’m already at the bottom of the page, so it will take a lot to draw my attention backwards up to the top of the page now–and it’s not totally clear where this chart starts, since the left-most element is the ‘No’ box (unlike in your sketch).
    + Following the line of your chart, it seems that you intend your viewer to backtrack leftward after the ‘no’ answer to the rent question. That’s hard, too. Try to trace a line with your finger or a pencil that follows where you think an uninitiated audience member will look, and in what sequence, and compare this with the natural flow from top left to bottom right.
    + Try to establish more visual symmetry between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options–this will better reinforce the idea of your flow chart as conditional on the answers to these questions.
    + None of the four questions that come out of the ‘No’ answer on rent are actually a node in this flow chart, as they are neither Yes/No questions nor are there any possible answers to them available in the chart. So your chart really ends at the ‘No’ node. These questions are valuable, but don’t frame them as nodes in your chart. Just list them as questions that proceed the ‘No’ node. Right now they are making the flow chart look way more complicated than it actually is.

    My notes on style:
    + Chart needs some arrows to indicate directionality/causality. Right now, it’s not especially clear what leads to what, just that things are connected.
    + Not so easy to read that brown text. Maybe place the icon beside the text rather than under it?
    + There is a frame around your ‘Current population’ icon.
    + Use the pen tool to make line segments that turn at 90 degrees–when you use the line segment tool to do this, there can be breaks in your joint, as there are here.
    + Chart is a little off-centered here. Right margin is larger than left margin.

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