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3 thoughts on “Image: Nur

  1. Nur – I really enjoy your use of color-coordination to represent safe bike parking. You give the reader multiple ways to view this phenomenon, from the worst to best, via a map locator, photo representation, and color coded two way arrow. All are very effective. This fits strongly with the narrative you have provided throughout the slide deck, from the colors, to the pictures, to the phenomenon in and of itself. My only note is to put “best bike parking choice” in a more legible font, otherwise, can’t wait to see the poster!

  2. The continuum diagram is effective (and creative), not only showing examples of worst to best bike parking choices but the location of those choices on a map. The slide is also well balanced. The text under the photographs is small but may not be needed, and as Domi notes, the label “Best bike parking choice” needs a bit more contrast.

  3. Nur, good concept here–it’s illustrative of a spectrum of safety using photo documentation that you’ve highlighted to isolate the named condition.

    The map is well labeled, but its orientation makes it tough to understand geographically. Consider a vertical orientation to allow North to point north?
    Right now your captions bleed into one another, both visually and in reading them.

    Some notes here on style:

    + The slide feels cramped. You’re not presenting too much information, but you’ve filled your slide entirely and pushed elements right up against each other. Building in some more space between elements here will help your legibility. Could you downsize your map? It doesn’t seem to need this much space. Your photos also seem to need more space from each other given that they all have borders but are pushed up edge to edge. You might alternately consider running a gradient behind them and sizing them down just slightly to provide a little more air. This might also help you to space out your captions a bit more.

    + Maybe you could number the instances on your map and number your photos, and that would help code them? If you did this, you might not need your borders/gradient anyway, and that would also help open up some space.
    The light pink dots and text are not legible on–essentially invisible–on the map, though this is actually supposed to indicate your best instances. Try some different color choices here.

    Great job here. You had some good ideas along the way. I like where you ended up.

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