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  1. This presentation was very well coordinated and did a good job of conveying a message. I felt that the presentation flowed organically from one slide to the next and was connected. I like the use of the icons because it was a different and attention grabbing way to depict and tally results in a fun manner. While I personally understood the “Groceries v. Delis” slide pretty easily, it might be helpful to include a quick note that the icons were singular tallys for the amount of store locations. The inclusion on the sketches was helpful as well in providing some methodology to the derived results and background to the narrative.

  2. I think you used an appropriate balance of text and visuals, neither were overpowering the other. Not to make a food pun, but this slide deck was very crisp, using methodological graphics to display information (ie. apples v. soda cups). It definitely made the argument for the needed groceries. My only recommendation would be to add page numbers!

  3. I really like how you expressed the message on your presentation, it is very easy to understand and I really like how you placed the photos on the map. The icons that you used are very fitting for the topic. I thought the comparison between places that sell fresh produce and stores that dont was very informative.

  4. There’s some good information here. I think it needs some context and some condensing.

    Slide 2 demonstrates a good concept–situate the storefronts of grocery stores along a stretch of Rockaway Avenue. But where do those storefronts live along this stretch? Since you make the gesture toward situating the grocery stores in geography, you should go all the way–indicate where along the map each of these storefronts is. provide us with a name and address in a caption as well. You’ve also provided the start of a base map but not the consummation of it–which way is north here? Where are the cross streets? Where are East New York and Lott Avenues? A context map, as some of your classmates have provided, would be useful. Then some more labeling on this map. On Slide 3, you do give us the map, but still no labels on it. Where are we? What are the major streets here that can provide some orientation? What are the names and where are the instances you’re calling out?

    The photos of produce on Slide 3 are probably not necessary–they don’t really add specificity. We know what produce looks like. Maybe you get rid of Slide 2 and move your storefront photos here.

    As Alex notes, I think that Slide 4 is telling me that there are 5 grocery stores in the neighborhood and 11 bodegas? It’s not especially clear what each icon represents, since you are using an apple to represent a kind of building and a drink to represent another kind of building. The first half of this information feels redundant–you told us on Slide 3 that there were five grocery stores. The second half feels impoverished. Why don’t bodegas get physical locations on your map? Seems like this slide could also be folded into Slide 3.

    A good method I’d like to recommend for you is to work out the message is of each slide you’re planning. Write it out. Make it concise. That should be the headline of the slide. And then ask yourself if all the elements on the slide support that point. Then ask if each slide is making its own point, and what those points are, and if there are any redundancies in these points.

    Some notes on design:
    + Photo on your title slide feels dwarfed by all that empty space. It would be better if it filled the entire slide. Maybe it’s not high enough resolution? Find a different image, or lose it.

    + Your photos are washed out. Bring them into Photoshop and adjust their Curves, Levels, Contrast as needed.

    + As others have noted here, good use of icons on your key map.

    + Good consistency of page formatting.

    Good inclusions in your notes. I’m not clear on what the first sketch is, but I assume it was a concept you decided against.

  5. The deck is successful in demonstrating the prevalence of delis over fresh produce. The map locations of the stores were delineated as well. And the colors depicting the fresh worked well.

  6. Along with clear indication on the presence of type of food delis and grocery stores, the use of icons for each entity helps in differentiating with types making it more visually appealing too. Labels are clear in indication the information in each slide deck.

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