Image: Inna

Assignment 36


8 thoughts on “Image: Inna

  1. I think this procedural diagram well designed. The headline is clear, and the color palette is consistent within itself and with the remainder of the slide deck. The zig-zag of the line does not present any challenges to comprehension. In fact, it adds interest to what might otherwise be a dull straight line diagram. The twisting line is made clear by numbering and the logical starting point in the top-left corner of prominence. Finally, I really enjoy the icons; I think they add an extra level of interest to the boxes and make the narrative more approachable. However, I do not think they necessarily add an additional level of understanding to the process.

  2. Great timeline! I had originally wanted to do a similarly designed graphic but had a hard time creating it. I am glad to see that your finished product turned out so well. I agree with Greyson that the curved line adds an additional layer of complexity and is visually interesting. Perhaps a time estimate for each step could be added, with a clock icon marking the progress, just a thought.

    Also, I noticed that Two Bridges Neighborhood Council was listed twice on the map. I am unsure if this is due to a typo or if they simply has two offices.

  3. Great icons and an excellent job at explaining a process. The color is great as it is both consistent throughout the process and is being played with (e.g. the orange smoothly moves from being the background color of the circle to being yet another outline of the final circle). It also makes the process easy which is good since people who want to start community centers probably have a lot to deal with and they need someone to show them it can be done!

  4. I like the colors and the flow of information in this graphic. I think that the spacing could be a little more consistent (bubbles 3 and 4 are offset and seem to escape from the form. the icons are great but it would be nice to have a different icon for each step. good job overall tho

    • Good notes, Georges. Inna, Is there an opportunity to follow a grid with the placement of your number bubbles? Some of them are close but not quite aligned—it unbalances the energy a bit. It seems like Bubbles 3 and 4 should definitely be aligned, regardless. And is bubble 4 smaller than bubble 3?

      While I agree that it would be nice to have a new icon for each step, this is not a major concern to me, as the icons do work for the steps they complement.

  5. I agree with others that this is a very clear process diagram. It’s something that could have been laid out as a list, but feels much more fun and engaging in this roadmap format. You’ve deployed your color palette very handsomely. Your icons are legible and sync up well with the content they annotate. They add visual interest to each step and keep the process engaging. You’ve done a good job creating visual interest compositionally while working with the viewer’s natural progression from left to right and top to bottom.

    Some further notes:
    + Your headline should be ‘How to start a community center.’ Note the ‘a’. Capitalization is your choice depending on the rest of your headlines. I default to sentence case here because it makes the most sense.
    + I think you can size the whole thing up a little. You’ve got more than enough room on three sides.
    + The text in the darker gray boxes is a little hard to read. The contrast needs to be greater here—consider making these lighter colored boxes instead of darker, or try a darker text color. Make them more legible.

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