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7 thoughts on “Image: Georges

  1. I think this procedural diagram is very strong. Foremost among the design accomplishments is the clear use of visual hierarchy to establish a start and end to the process, the use of photographs to make the processes concrete, a strong and present headline, and consistency of color for questions, yes, and no. A few points of this graphic could be improved. The same coloration of “yes” and “compost me” is a bit misleading. The graphic does not fit onto a slide very well, but it may be perfectly proportioned for the presentation board. The colors on this slide are a bit of a break from the very consistent theme of the other slides in the deck. Finally, the green arrow furthest to the left runs behind a box, which is not consistent with the other guide arrows.

    • Good notes, Greyson. I agree that this is a strong and clear diagram. On my screen, the green for ‘Y’ is slightly different than the Compost green, but maybe not different enough to be noticeable to all, so that is a good thing to be thoughtful of.

      I agree that this layout will likely fit well on your poster, where you will be less constrained by proportions. But you’ll have to figure out a more elegant way to parse it or reshape it for screen dimensions if you want to include it in your final slide deck.

      I noted that green arrow furthest to the left as well, but the lack of an arrow point on it as it passes behind the yellow box indicated to me that I was to perceive it as layered behind that box. I think it works fine.

  2. An important topic! I think that the flowchart is clear and well organized. I like that you chose a long/ tall layout that fits your steps and hierarchy. I think you made smart choices regarding the colors for the flowchart, yet they are not consistent with your previous slides. I was not sure if you are referring to any waste or to waste that should go into ‘Public Trash Receptacle’.
    Another aspect that you might want to address is the lack of recycling trash receptacles in the area, what can you do if you still want to recycle or compost.

    • Good points about consistency, Lian. I think reconciling this graphic with the other slides will be part of assembling a clear narrative–in terms of color palette, design vocabulary, and certainly messaging. This diagram speaks to recycling and compost, but it’s not clear that these are options available on the street, which is what the other slides have addressed.

  3. Very beautiful and well-organize flow chart. The colors are helping clearly understand the flow of the information and what you should do. The linear arrange of the flow-chart also contribute to its success. Although the title make you curious, I think that the second title should be bigger because it is the title that give you the information about the meaning of the chart.

    • Good suggestion, Inna. Georges, maybe there is some secondary type treatment that you can build for your subhead, to give it more prominence than the text in the chart itself?

  4. This is an elegant and super clear diagram. It’s been very thoughtfully laid out. It makes very thoughtful and appropriate use of color, and excellent use of line weight to denote separate tracks. Good use of varying text styles for your various elements as well. My one further design critique is that I don’t think you need all of the space above your headline or between your headline and your diagram—this could get a little tighter.

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