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3 thoughts on “Image: James

  1. Your project came together with a clear historical narrative and related to New York today, so it was very successful in it’s purpose. You slide deck selected the most important charts, but I liked the Abrons art center and some of the other service center photos because they look nice. Conversely, I think the “areas of interest” slide isn’t really necesary with this final scope because you already get right into the topic early on.

    Layout wise, I think the poster is effective and not cluttered at all, but some of the elements bleed into each others space a little bit which makes isolating specific ideas a little tough. The matrix especially because it uses some empty spaces within it. It would also be worth trying to connect the photos with their location, just to illustrate the story a little more.

    Overall, I liked your project and think it came together nicely. There are a few items I miss from previous versions, but this gives a concise story and I feel like I learned something from it.

  2. I think the slide deck is really strong. the narrative is super clear and you’ve provided great text through guide us through the presentation which could stand alone without a speaker honestly. The poster feels a little loose. While I can see that the items do fit into a grid system and that there are three clear acts is still feels a little scattered or like the space could have been used differently. I think the narratives of the deck and the poster match. i think the matrix is a strong and useful graphic but that again its overall spacing could have been tighter.

  3. The slide deck is clear and strong with a nice use of color as an identifier to move the narrative. I am a little confused by the appearance of an additional color (green) in a later slide (the splintering off of the Manny Cantor Center from the rest of the Educational Alliance), and it would have been interesting to represent the growth & expansion of the institutions within the census tract over time – but that is addressed in the Poster.

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