Image: Andy

Andy boardAndy deck


2 thoughts on “Image: Andy

  1. The clarity and scale of the images chosen and graphics used is a plus – there’s a lot of information here but using big pictures and bold colors directs the attention well.
    The slide deck is informative and flows well narratively but misspelling “buses” and unclear language in the concluding slide was distracting. The poster continued the great, clear graphics but the chart about licensing felt a little out of place in the poster as it’s role in the narrative was not especially clear.
    The graphics and presenttion are really impressive.

  2. I think your project came out great, clearly you spent a lot of time thinking about the layout and flow of the deck and it shows. I also like that you explored something that most New Yorkers never think about.

    The maps are well constructed and clearly communicate your points. They are definitely a highlight. For the poster I think you might have included too much information it might have benefited from from a more focused approach, the van licensing fits the flow of the presentation but seems a little tacked on in the poster. Over all great work.

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