Image: Simeon

Infographics Asssignment 2 - chart (partial)


3 thoughts on “Image: Simeon

  1. I like the simple charts. I like that the second graph keeps the same color as the non-english speakers, but I don’t know if it’s enough to make the connection that the graph of languages is represenative of a smaller population than the total traact (Unless I’m wrong about that, in which case nm.)

    I get where you logo is going, and I think it will be a good addition for the total project as it can be replicated and varied throughout. I think it will be easily recognizable, dpeending on the flag, and give some info while looking neat.

  2. I like the easy comprehension of the information. I like the combination of the two colors from the separate pies to convey information in the new pie. I also like the use of the thought bubble with the addition of the flag.

  3. I agree that you’ve made good use of complementary colors to distinguish between English and non-English here. The further work that needs to be done, as with many of your classmates, is to be clearer about your intention. Through some sleuthing work, I can piece together a narrative here, but it’s not being presented to me. Use headlines and captions, and establish a hierarchy to this slide to tell me a story. What is this slide about? Tell me what the takeaway should be. Not a lot of the choices you have made here seem especially deliberate. You have three graphs, placement seems random, and the scaling is inconsistent. No headline, no contextualizing information, no hierarchy. Again, this is where your notes or sketches could clue us in to your intention as well.

    Where is the chart of your field phenomenon? Not here. One of your charts here should be a representation of the phenomenon you took a count of—this is your own original data.

    Good inclusions in your notes. You mentioned in person that you scoped out how other people had represented languages in other presentations. You might include these here as well.

    Though we went over in class how you might make the talk bubble filled with the flag, I’m not convinced of this idea—the flag is specific to Spain, and most Spanish speakers in NYC are not from Spain.

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