Image: James



2 thoughts on “Image: James

  1. I am very interested in this particular graphic representation of information. I think its very useful to be able to represent, things like concentration/density spatially. An image like this marry’s information from both a map and graph in a very useful way. To be able pack so much information into an image without text is am exciting idea, for me.

  2. The combination of map and graph is exciting, it’s true.

    This image needs a headline, a key, a scale, etc–framing information!–to make it useful. It’s also pretty dark and needs some contrast adjustment. We talked about its intention in class, and I think it’s effective at communicating gross comparison, though I would be hard pressed to take any actual data from it, so there is a double-edged sword to this scale of representation. If this were an interactive graphic where I could zoom into individual buildings and view and compare their data, I think it would be more effective.

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