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3 thoughts on “Image: Beth

  1. I am not really sure you need to combine the two map slides (if those are the two you are talking about). I think if you just make it clearer to the reader that precinct 76 is where census tract 47 is located. Which you just told them in the previous slide and this is where its located in relation to the precincts with the lowest and highest crime rates in the city. You could do this simply by making precinct 76 have a stronger presence or maybe put the census tract on the overall area map. I realize the size is an issue and you would have to change the coloring. If you do end up adding a background color be sure to thicken up some of your text so it actually stands out on the page. I like the font type but the thinner line weights could be lost on a colored background.

  2. Overall I think the hierarchy looks really good on the matrix slide! It’s very simple with just a headline and the actual matrix itself, no extraneous elements. The slides are a lot more legible than the previous week’s, I appreciate the reformatting of the page sizes and everything just seems a lot cleaner and tighter. As for the matrix, I think there could be some more hierarchy in terms of line weights to differentiate title boxes versus content boxes? I’m also not sure if you need a map along with a streetview image of each location. Also, the title of each category could be a little bigger or perhaps bolded.

  3. [What additional information is needed or would be useful in understanding this slide as a standalone narrative?]

    Re: the Matrix slide.

    Overall the matrix tells a straightforward story, and the icons capture the essence of the categories. Here are some suggestions:

    “High level of visibility *to* entrance of the building” — “to” here confuses me. Are we talking about how well the door can be seen when standing across the street? Or if you’re standing in the entrance, how well you can see people approaching?

    It would be nice to have a better idea of where these buildings are. Maybe a simple line base map with different dots indicating the building locations.

    Maybe give a specific time frame instead of “*recent* police blotters.”

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