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  1. I really enjoyed this slide deck, and my only criticism is that it lacks a proper title. From the clarity of the font to the outstanding color quality of the graffiti photos, this project is very visually appealing to look at. I thought that the linear “wall?” or panoramic photos on the top of the last two slides added variety to the slides and it would have been nice if something simple like this was used as a title page. I think that this project would be great to use as an example of how graffiti is a critical aspect of local identity, as graffiti that is representative of the community is often not tagged over (although she does show a couple examples of tagging).

    • I agree on title: Kellie, give us an up-front headline or title slide to let me know what this deck is about. We can piece it together eventually, but you don’t want us to have to do that work. Also agree on the value of the panoramic header photos, both in terms of variety and as headers. Can you use these on all your slides? If not, you should still maintain placement of all other items on the other slides as if there were a header on them. Keep all placement of items in your composition in registration from slide to slide here.

  2. When I look at this I wonder what is being explored—tags/graffiti, murals, street art, etc.—all of which could lend themselves very well to being one phenomenon on their own. That said, I appreciate how different the slides are, but I am confused by the title. Is this meant to just explore tags, or all forms of graffiti planned or otherwise? On a separate note, I like the banners at the top of the second 2 pages. They paint more of a full picture and lend themselves nicely to this arrangement. Also for the first slide, maybe enlarge the photos to get rid of some of the excess background?

    • To Ben’s points, Kellie, maybe, as Adam suggested, you need a title slide here that precedes your other documentation to tell us that this is a survey of public artworks in your census tracts. On Slide 1, your headers ‘Existing Conditions’ and ‘Tags’ are given the same priority and placement, so it’s not easy to tell that they’re actually just labeling the columns below them—you don’t use these column headers on subsequent slides, either, so there is no easy way for me to understand this. I would just give over a whole slide to existing conditions and another to tags, as you’ve done on the subsequent slides.

  3. The third page in this deck is visually fascinating. Standing alone, the double banner serves as a mesmerizing visual that conveys the diversity of the content to be presented, suggesting a thesis and setting up a narrative. On the same page as the featured boxes, however, the banner distracts from the primary content. Citing the date of the artwork adds to the narrative, and raises questions of trends over time and contextual social movements. Also, by categorizing the artwork into murals, tags and graffiti, the author prods the audience to consider the social context further.

    • Actually, this is another good point I hadn’t considered, Jordan. Your proposal is to give over whole slides to some of these panoramas? That could be very powerful, you’re right. They are definitely the most powerful images on the pages that include them.

  4. I really enjoyed this deck. I thought the content was aesthetically pleasing. The format was very easy to process. Starting from right to left, it guides the reader through each image, and it’s location. I thought the amount of text to images was a nice balance. I think juxtaposing these murals against the environment around the actual art may tell a compelling story to the audience. I am looking forward to how this develops.

  5. Kellie, this is generally looking really good and clear. Great photos! Very vibrant, consistent brightness, very vivid. The big issue for you to work on here is consistent styling (and submitting all parts of the assignment). Some points:

    + Make sure to keep your margins and gutters consistent across your slides.

    + On Slide 3, your background has slipped. A good way to keep this from happening is to add backgrounds to your Page templates. We walked through this together, and I’ll walk through this in class, too.

    + Keep your type size consistent in your captions. If you have to size down a caption to fit it in your available space, make sure that the same type of information is sized down in all the captions. In this case, you’ve used a couple of different type sizes that are reasonably close to each other—better to just use one type size that will work for all of your caption text.

    + Watch for awkward line breaks in display text, as on Slide 1 “Artist Un/known”.

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