Image: Asher


Asher Deck


3 thoughts on “Image: Asher

  1. Asher,

    I have to say, I’m honestly not sure in going through your slides which is the presentation and which was your working slide deck. I’m think it’s the first one, as that seems to have a better flow to it. I like the stark simplicity of the slides, that really serves to enhance the focus on your pictures and your created graphics. However, I think your graphics could be strengthened to help strengthen your overall point. A more consistent graphical theme throughout the presentation would have created a greater flow and helped strengthen the narrative.

    I think your posterboard has a hierarchy, although some element such as dividing lines could have helped to strengthen that. It could have even been something like larger subtitles (see G’s posterboard). I am unable to zoom in on this version, and as such cannot read the text. Making the text larger would, I think, help the narrative come through, rather than devoting more space to some of your graphics that don’t have as impactful of a story to tell (the map, for instance).

  2. I’m still always wondering, what is a non-combustible sprinkler hallway!? It just doesn’t sound anywhere near as safe as a fire escape! Anyway, good board. You, like G, also went with black, which can be a tough color to work with, but it works. Your use of threes sets up a nice composition and it flows well. I’m learning so much about such small tidbits in this class it’s really hard to just comment on the graphic work. So is it that most fire escapes were installed in the 19th century? Did builders still opt to include them for aesthetic reasons? Have you found any information on whether landmarks would allow a property owner to take off the fire escape? In my mind it would alter the character of the building and since they only regulate the outer facing walls, they probably approve very few.

    Love the context map. A rule I like to work with, though maybe not so applicable to these assignments is to show another context map, of where the tract, neighborhood, zip code, etc, is in relation to the larger city. Of course you have to play the fiddle for your crowd so it’s not always necessary, but good to have on a general infographic.

  3. Because you choose black, the matrix should be brighter white to stand out. Your map is helpful to understand where then census tract is. A question doss come up with is why remove the fire escape? The flow chart seems iyt of place color wise with the rest of your graphics.

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