Image: Fall 2013 Pre-Assignment 16



6 thoughts on “Image: Fall 2013 Pre-Assignment 16

  1. I like that this example uses a recognizable image from a children’s game to first draw people in and then creates a very informative graphic out of it. I am left wondering a bit why this graphic exists. Does it have something to do with the game Operation? I could see this graphic being used on the outside of the box, but I could also see it being used in an educational context as well. I think I would have turned up the playfulness (and childishness) of the image by breaking up the text with little drawings, such as: Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete [doodle of concrete block]. I don’t think highlighting keywords by using a different weight and color is very effective because so many of the words on the page are keywords.

    • Yes, I think the use of descriptive illustrations would help make the graphic much more compelling. I agree with your assessment about highlighting keywords, too.

  2. This example would be best suited for a health class or workshop involving human anatomy. The reason for this is that it is displaying information about various parts such as the nose that we did not know before. Comparing the graphic to the Social Networking graphic is less effective. The graphic plays around more with different colors and scales to display the relevant information effectively. The various graphs with in the graphic are interesting and tell a story.

    • Do you think that the information presented would be helpful to a health class or workshop specifically as an information graphic? I’m not sure the visuals offer more than a laugh, but I could be wrong. I wish I were getting as much information from the visuals as I am from the text.

  3. This is a successful graphic due to its iconic quality as a children’s game. The audience is obvious, but the liking to the image is probably age ranging. The image has probably been repeated numerous times, and it presence is meaningful to many long ago players. I think part of the success of this one lays on the fact that it portrays a hugely difficult activity in a very simple and playful way. Another fact is that by looking at the image it’s evident to understand the mechanics of the game without further detail. The fact that the actual way incorporates the image adds to the iconic quality. A very crucial, complex, and difficult process is shown simplified to its very basic action without losing the main spirit of its reference. The description on the text enhances the inspired curiosity for this action, and again brings the topic to a manageable level. I agree that the text adds the least to the significance of the image and perhaps larger text, different color, or font would have provided an improvement.

  4. I agree with you all that the iconic value of the image is potent in drawing in and retaining attention. But I am left wanting more illustration of the (very compelling!) factoids that are presented for each piece of the body. I agree with Sonja and Rodrigo that the text treatment is not the best–the bolded blue items resemble hyperlinks (important not to set up a framework that is inappropriate to your format) and are so numerous as to be exhausting. I know this graphic is directed vaguely toward children, but the facts portrayed are complex, and it would be useful to be provided, if not a reference to a data source for all these claims, at least a resource for seeking further information.

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